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We specialize in slashing acquisition costs for DTC brands through the power of our tailored, cutting-edge paid ads strategies and turbocharged data-backed creatives

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We stabilize top-line revenue growth by focusing on the most scalable channels first

Meta Ads (FB/IG) Growth Management

Through our tailored media buying strategies, driven by data insights, we propel your brand’s growth, ensuring a sustainable ROAS and maximizing profitability.

Creative Consulting

What’s our secret sauce? The harmony between data and creativity. Properly structured video ads have enabled us to continuously scale business to 6-7 figures in monthly revenue. Using data to guide the creativity behind these winning ads, is our “not-so” secret sauce.

Google PPC Suite

Google Ads is another scalable top-line revenue growth channel that requires its own focus & strategic approach alongside a cohesive plan with PPC bidding. By working closely with our marketing team, we devise a comprehensive PPC strategy that fuels profitable revenue generation and elevates brand awareness.

CRM / Deep Data Integrations

We help you build a secure CRM setup that ensures smooth data transitions across multiple environments. This way, we enhance your ability to manage customer relationships, personalize interactions, and ultimately achieve higher sales and ROI.

Ad Creative / Short Form Video Editing

In the era of fleeting attention spans, short-form video ads are the true needle-movers. Our talented video editors craft compelling ads that not only engage, but also convert users from simple website visitors into loyal recurring customers.

Landing Pages That Convert

Our landing pages help consumers understand who you are, what you sell, how it helps them, and why you’re the best option on the market. This enables you to acquire customers at a higher conversion rate, achieve lower CPAs, and increase operational profit & direct ROI/ROAS.

Delivering Tangible Results, Not Just Hype

eCommerce DTC Skincare Brand

$3.92M Direct Revenue Achieved with Only $389K Ad Spend for an eCommerce DTC Skincare Brand

When we started working together, the brand’s advertising budget was constrained at $5K/month, primarily due to the absence of a tailored, data-driven advertising strategy. Our strategic guidance and turbocharged ad creatives effectively resolved these issues, enabling us to achieve scalable, profitable customer acquisition while also improving Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV).

$2.76M Revenue Yield w/ Only $249K in Ad Spend for an eCommerce DTC Fashion Brand

When we took charge, the brand was investing over $6K/mo in adspend but lacked a strategic, long-term vision for their ad account(s) and overall paid ads growth strategy. Through our management, we conducted a complete revamp of their ad account(s), successfully scaling the ad spend to over $30K/month while aggressively optimizing acquisition costs and continuously converting visitors into loyal customers.

eCommerce DTC Fashion Brand

eCommerce Digital Products DTC Brand

Generated $1.56M in Direct Revenue with Just $131K Ad Spend for an Info-Product DTC Brand

The brand was only spending roughly $3K/mo before we took over, struggling to increase its Average Revenue Per User (ARPU). Besides helping them implement a long-term advertising strategy, we set up a secure, end-to-end automated CRM pipeline, which enabled them to utilize their customers’ data to the max, personalize touchpoints, and increase their ARPU by upselling more products.

Transformed $111K into $1.41M+ in Revenue for an eCommerce DTC Supplement Brand

Before we began working together, the brand relied exclusively on organic client acquisition and had no advertising presence whatsoever – Zero, Zilch, Nada. But here’s the exciting part: We had a clear roadmap for their growth. We introduced and leveraged a no-brainer offer, a data-driven advertising strategy, and a meticulously structured CRM system, which enabled us to achieve double-digit ROI and Revenue well into the multi-seven figures.

DTC Supplement Brand

eCommerce DTC Women Fashion Brand

€351K Revenue with Just €86K Ad Spend

When we stepped in, the brand was spending only $1.5K/mo and faced challenges profitably acquiring customers and increasing their Average Order Value (AOV). Alongside our tailored advertising strategy and properly structured video ads that fueled our growth, we also focused on vertically expanding our ad campaigns by cross-seeling & upselling various products, thus driving up the brand’s AOV.

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What Our Clients Say

You guys are the best!


I still remember the first time we discussed our business’s needs.


I appreciated your empathy and obsession with generating shocking results from the beginning.


Please don’t stop what you’re doing because you are the best at it!


6+ years of working together and still counting!


Sofia Sodis
Co-Founder at Mastic Spa

Alex and his team have demonstrated a profound understanding and mastery of various media platforms, enhancing our brands’ reach and effectiveness.


What sets EKLs apart is their exceptional talent in media buying and their innovative approach to solving challenges. 


Their contributions have been pivotal in our achievements, and their work ethic is truly commendable.


Salim Ibrahim
Managing Partner at OBS GmbH

So glad we picked EKLs to help us reach more customers and grow our business!


Their team is super friendly and always there and ready to help us!


Since working with them, my stress about profitably acquiring new customers has decreased!


We look forward to continuing our long-term partnership with them!


Maitha Alowais
Founder at Maitha & Treats

Our partnership with EKLs is excellent.


The quality of their services is top-tier across all fields and under all circumstances.


Besides that, the relationship built between the client and the company was meaningful and based on genuine interest from the very 1st moment!


Katerina Stagaki
CEO at People's Open University

Love working with you guys!


You are very attentive to our needs and budgets as a smaller brand in the high-end fashion industry.


You’re also very insightful in guiding our ad content to maximize our budget and time ROI!


Carolina S.D.
Founder & CEO at Carolina Santo Domingo

I really enjoy working with Alex and his team!


They seem to really care about my business & creating the most effective/high-performing ads possible!


As someone who’s pretty picky, I’m rarely impressed, yet I’m genuinely happy with the dedication and efforts they’ve shown to grow my business!


I highly recommend their services!


Amanda Jo
Founder at O.B.

Alex and his team are actively helping us flood our calendar with booked calls from qualified prospects while achieving a 10X return on our initial investment by understanding the underlying market in real-time.


Couldn’t have chosen a better growth partner to profitably scale our business!


N. Sismanis
Founder & CFO at S. Research & Partners

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