We're a forward-thinking team of marketers & advertisers

Driven by passion — and fuelled by curiosity


Let’s Meet

Supp, I’m Alex.


My journey in the digital marketing landscape started with a simple dream: Shake up the eCommerce scene by setting new industry standards.


Fueled by passion and determination, that dream led to Element K Labs’ birth.


Element K Labs isn’t just an agency I founded; It’s a passion, my dedication, and an inner hunger for success along with my team.


We bring together innovative marketers, data-driven advertisers, and pixel-perfect strategies to create a boutique experience at an enterprise scale.


We don’t believe in average or ordinary. 


This belief is deeply ingrained in every project we undertake at Element K Labs.


We don’t just pick projects; We choose to be a part of stories.


Stories that resonate with your customers, ensuring a great fit that leads to profitable results.

What do we offer? 

A symphony of digital growth-marketing services. 

We are a London-based boutique consulting & digital advertising agency specializing in providing a highly individualized and personalized experience for eCommerce brands.

From crafting and scaling high-performing social media ads, all the way to setting up (complex, yet secure) CRM systems to handling email marketing and data integration; We handle every damn aspect of it.

But what truly sets us apart is our refusal to be average.

I’ve always aimed to craft unique, groundbreaking, data-backed solutions that don’t just set a new standard for your business but for the entire industry.

At Element K Labs, we’re more than just a team; We’re a tribe.

A tribe of innovative growth-marketers, data aficionados, and strategy perfectionists.

We put our heart into everything we do, and the results pay off.

Join us, and let's make your CFO happy

Free 15'
Strategy Session with Alex

Book your quick Discovery Call with our founder, Alex, where we’ll go over how you can take your brand’s advertising & overall digital marketing to the next level.
*not a sales pitch*

What's gonna happen

The basic outline of our call

Your eCommerce Health Check

We’ll start by understanding the current state of your eCommerce business. What marketing strategies have you tried? What worked, and what didn’t? This will give us a clear picture of where you currently stand.

Your Growth Vision

Let’s dream big. Where do you see your brand in the next 1-6 months? By setting clear, actionable goals, we can tailor our strategies to ensure you reach, or even surpass, those milestones.

Peek Into Your Competition

Knowledge is power. Tell us about your fiercest competitors, and with our advanced tools, we’ll uncover their strategies. We’ll reveal all their secrets, from their top-performing ads to their most lucrative keywords.

Your Creatives

How can you improve and optimize further? Having a proven track record of winning ad creatives, we can surely show you how we will work together to skyrocket your ad creative performance.

Maximizing Your ROI

 It’s not just about spending; It’s about earning more from every dollar spent. We manage your adspend as if it’s our own. We’ll discuss in-depth strategies to optimize and scale your campaigns, ensuring you get the best Return-On-Ad-Spend (ROAS/ROI) and lowest Cost-Per-Acquisition (CPA) possible.

Scaling Beyond Limits

Once we’ve set the foundation, it’s now time to soar. We’ll share data-backed insights and tailor strategies enabling your brand to scale by actively reaching a wider audience and achieving exponential, profitable growth.

What Our Clients Say

You guys are the best!


I still remember the first time we discussed our business’s needs.


I appreciated your empathy and obsession with generating shocking results from the beginning.


Please don’t stop what you’re doing because you are the best at it!


6+ years of working together and still counting!


Sofia Sodis
Co-Founder at Mastic Spa

Alex and his team have demonstrated a profound understanding and mastery of various media platforms, enhancing our brands’ reach and effectiveness.


What sets EKLs apart is their exceptional talent in media buying and their innovative approach to solving challenges. 


Their contributions have been pivotal in our achievements, and their work ethic is truly commendable.


Salim Ibrahim
Managing Partner at OBS GmbH

So glad we picked EKLs to help us reach more customers and grow our business!


Their team is super friendly and always there and ready to help us!


Since working with them, my stress about profitably acquiring new customers has decreased!


We look forward to continuing our long-term partnership with them!


Maitha Alowais
Founder at Maitha & Treats

Our partnership with EKLs is excellent.


The quality of their services is top-tier across all fields and under all circumstances.


Besides that, the relationship built between the client and the company was meaningful and based on genuine interest from the very 1st moment!


Katerina Stagaki
CEO at People's Open University

Love working with you guys!


You are very attentive to our needs and budgets as a smaller brand in the high-end fashion industry.


You’re also very insightful in guiding our ad content to maximize our budget and time ROI!


Carolina S.D.
Founder & CEO at Carolina Santo Domingo

I really enjoy working with Alex and his team!


They seem to really care about my business & creating the most effective/high-performing ads possible!


As someone who’s pretty picky, I’m rarely impressed, yet I’m genuinely happy with the dedication and efforts they’ve shown to grow my business!


I highly recommend their services!


Amanda Jo
Founder at O.B.

Alex and his team are actively helping us flood our calendar with booked calls from qualified prospects while achieving a 10X return on our initial investment by understanding the underlying market in real-time.


Couldn’t have chosen a better growth partner to profitably scale our business!


N. Sismanis
Founder & CFO at S. Research & Partners